ВикиXochiquetzal at Metztli IT

So yes, this post was about utilizing the last Debian packaging for Linux kernel 5.5 series, i.e., 5.5.13, and applying upstream delta patches to bring it up to 5.5.15. However, as I was writing this post kernel 5.5.16 became available --which is what I will aim to patch and, subsequently, I will 'Add support for ZSTD-compressed kernel and initramfs' via a customized patch. And lastly, I will apply reiser4 for 5.5.5 patch --which still applies smoothly over kernel 5.5.15, and hopefully 5.5.16, and build our hacked kernel.

Notwithstanding, as ni∙tlacuiloa this post delta patch-5.5.16-17 became available and... continue reading Exposing Hacks for ZSTD -compressed Metztli Reiser4 / Debian Buster bps Linux 5.5.caxtolli∙omome and initramfs at Metztli IT: Tonalamatl

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