It is powered by high quality, enterprise grade security, open source software (OSS). It showcases some of our skills with the Multi-Blog / CMS b2evolution for PHP 8.0; b2evolution, at current version 7.2.5 enables --and significantly enhances-- content management system (CMS) capabilities:

  • Content
  • Multi/Blogs
  • Photo Galleries
  • Community
  • Forums
  • Email Marketing

May we assist you in your personal and/or organizational blog configuration and deployment projects? Talk to us!

We are experienced setting up the GNU / Linux, Apache and/or Engine X (Nginx) web server,  MySQL / MariaDB, and PHP / Perl (LAMP and/or LEMP) stack on a variety of physical, virtual, appliance, or cloud infrastructure . We can also customize relevant configuration files to optimize your web applications. Metztli IT recommends the reliability, security, stability, and performance of GNU/Linux operating system distributions to host your AMP / EMP stack supporting your web applications like the b2evolution blog.

Immerse yourself, your organization –or both-- into the richly interactive aspect of Web 2.0 quality open source technology with a professionally deployed and maintained web application or blog. We will manage the security, optimization, and maintenance of your technology deployments so that you can focus in creating business value for your organization. b2evolution will be a superb communications channel for your business contacts, employees, partners, friends and family.

On Red Hat's OpenShift Online platform as a service (PaaS) we have implemented a proof of concept b2evolution application which source is hosted at GitHub: b2evo-Metztli. You are welcome to try it and/or provide us feedback. And if you need additional assistance, we provide fee-based support.

Contact Us!

We provide complete blog, microblog (think Mastodon), and email (think iRedMail), free and open source (FOSS) hosting solutions, including domain name, email, DNS setup, and more!. We will be glad to provide a prompt reply to your business concerns. Do not hesitate to convey your comments and/or questions to us.

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