Ne∙pohual∙tzintzin: 'I can compute infinitesimals'

We build Metztli Reiser4 custom cloud images targeted at Google Compute Engine (GCE) infrastructure-as-a service (IaaS). These GCE cloud boot images may be any size -- from the standard 10Gb up to approximately 2Tb slices maximum allowed in GCE -- formatted in Zstd transparent compression or not.

Although we use these images internally for our cloud hosting services, let us know if you are interested in test spinning these images in your own GCE environment --as we provide fee-based support to keep your cloud deployments running smooth.

Notwitstanding, we engage in Metztli Reiser4 fee-based installations and support to remote servers based on AMD64 architecture. Let us talk about your computing needs and how to take advantage of the resiliency offered by superb reiser4 file system technology.

Sure, reiser4 is considered 'experimental' but we invite you to test its resiliency features by yourself either in the cloud and/or bare metal servers, as an email server for iRedMail - Open Source Mail Server Solution and/or for Linux kernel development --just to name a couple of particular instances.

Let us connect and talk about your computing needs! Connect with us via the adjunct linked form in this site.

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