Indeed we develop our own Linux Debian kernels for AMD64 architectures. However, we are also experienced in the provisioning, maintenance, and system administration of cloud, virtual, and physical servers. Let's have a conversation!

It does not matter if this is your first incursion into the Internet for your organization to have a Web presence, personalized email, etc.. We will evaluate and/or help your organization in migrating, scaling, backing up (i.e., for disaster recovery, etc.), and/or updating your online software resources.

We will work with your current hosting provider or custom-fit the profile of your business requirements to one of the hosting providers we currently work with. Your choice!

Do you need to recover from a failure or a hack on your online resources? We will assess the extent of the damage (if any) and suggest appropriate recovery solutions. Of course, we will implement those upon your agreement after explaining the pros-and-cons.

We implement a proactive approach to provide resilient solutions for your organization. We will monitor and apply the latest upgrades, security patches, operating system distribution, etc., so as to reduce the attack surface on your resources. We will maintain a customized backup schedule for disaster recovery, migration, standard recovery procedures.

Trust your business to us. We work with bare metal, dedicated, and cloud, providers like IONOS, Amazon Web Services , INAP (previously, SingleHop), Cloudsigma, IBM SmartCloud, UpCloud, Rackspace, and Google Compute Engine (GCE).

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