Due to Covid-19 the hybrid cloud computing paradigm has proven itself and advanced to the forefront of information technology. However at Metztli IT we understand that, from your business perspective, the paradigm has to leverage your existing assets as well as maintain your IT security, reliability, and responsiveness to changing market conditions.

Let us assist you in evaluating your business needs and your current IT resources; we will advise you on an efficient path to leverage the security, availability, and scalability benefits of the cloud paradigm in your business. For instance, if your business loses profits when your e-business web site is down, hosting your business site in a cloud instance (or instances) rather than in dedicated server(s) will add resiliency to your site. That is especially important in light of rising denial of service (DoS) attacks occurring in the Internet.

Through our network of large and reliable associates, we offer public cloud hosting services. We can set up your IT department's choice of GNU/Linux operating system distributions in our cloud instances with the exact environment for your business' optimized functionality. Afterwards, you can let us manage the proper functioning and performance of your business environment and/or delegate that important task to your IT department. It is your choice.

Nevertheless, if you are not ready to trust your business to a public cloud and would rather leverage the cloud benefits like scalability in your premises, we can implement a private cloud or help your IT department with the specification and deployment of the task. We have experience with open virtualization as a foundation for open clouds so as not to lock your business to any specific vendor. For instance, we work with KVM virtualization and deploy private clouds which support that hypervisor. KVM is supported by Red Hat, the most successful GNU/Linux vendor, now a part of IBM, the largest IT company in the world.

Last but no least, we may help you realize if your business requires a hybrid cloud that will enable your business to utilize on premises resources and, when customer demand increases, utilize a public cloud to outsource the temporary load on your IT infrastructure. That will help keep your expenses low by paying only for the ephemeral allocation of resources -- as opposed to paying for wasted compute power in idling dedicated servers. Of course, a hybrid cloud is also adequate for simultaneously using resources in your (on-premise) private cloud and leveraging the public cloud for those resources that need a more agile environment.

The above is only a brief outline of how your business may leverage the proven cloud computing paradigm of services. Don't wait longer; make the cloud an integral part of your business strategy to enable an responsive, secure, and scalable environment. Metztli IT is here to help!

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