Likely, we are the first to create a Metztli Reiser5 Debian Buster -based netboot installer, graphical (gtk), as well. Reiser4 SFRN 5.1.3 represents the next iteration in reiser4 development which implements parallel scaling out (PSO). Although lacking in devops to automatically implement PSO, this current Metztli Reiser4 SFRN 5  will provide the user with a sort of reference implementation to experiment and/or to evaluate against their own reiser5 -patched Linux kernel and reiser4progs file system utilities.

Metztli Reiser4 SFRN5 minimal debian installer (d-i)
Reiser4 SFRN 5 Local Volumes Parallel Scaling Out (PSO) netboot Debian-Installer image

Of course, this minimal bootable netboot image may also be used as an utility maintenance and/or for recovery operations. Unlike previous Reiser4 custom implementations, if rescue mode is selected from the Advanced options cascading menu it will automagically detect and mount relevant reiser4 -formatted storage media. Be careful and use only on Reiser4 Software Framework Release Number (SFRN) 5.1.3 -formatted storage media.

Minimal netboot Metztli Reiser4 SFRN5 Debian-Installer (d-i) image   SHA256SUM

Graphical (gtk), pointer enabled, minimal netboot Metztli Reiser4 SFRN5 Debian-Installer (d-i) image    SHA256SUM


Unstable software is available for no-cost download AS-IS with no explicit nor implied warranties.

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