Running Linux 5.17-2 reiser4 Software Framework Release Number (SFRN) 4.0.2
We eat our own digital cooking! Linux 5.10.17-2 Reiser4, Software Framework Release Number (SFRN) 4.0.2, running locally

The reiser4 file system patches currently available for Linux kernel 5.10 (as of February 20, 2021) have not been updated to address the 'historic ditching [of] defunct addressing artefact... called set_fs()'. Although the patch series introducing that change in the then still upcoming Linux kernel 5.10 date back from circa August 2020: remove the last set_fs() in common code, and remove it for x86 and powerpc, I can only speculate the reiser4 developer did not anticipate the disruptive effect it was going to have on his work -- as he released reiser4 patches for both stable Software Framework Release Number (SFRN) 4.0.2 and unstable SFRN 5.1.3, aka 'reiser5', for the kernel 5.10. Notwithstanding, I find it odd that I had not read of any bug reports as to the suitability of reiser4 to the Linux 5.10 kernel. But then I created a set of reiser4 -patched Linux 5.10.1 RC kernels for Metztli Reiser4 / Reiser5 d-i installers: None of them worked! This post represents, thus, an overview of the regression procedure to have reiser4 file system re-enabled in the Linux 5.10 kernel series... Continue reading Reiser4 and Linux version Macuilli.Matlactli, i.e., 5.10 at Metztli IT Tonalamatl

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