Metztli Reiser4 debian-installer splash image

Metztli Reiser4, the only Debian Stretch released with Linux 4.11.5.

On June 17, 2017, the official date of Debian Stretch Release, we also released Metztli-Reiser4 network boot installer image for our Reiser4 -enabled Stretch release, as well.

We worked hard to bring to the technically curious and open-minded free and open source software (FOSS) community the option to create, partition, and format in native reiser4, right from our modified Debian Installer network image. Not only that, but we downloaded and built Linux kernel 4.11.5 to be released with Metztli Reiser4, too.

This Debian-Installer (d-i) is the only Stretch June, 17, 2017, release we are aware of which installs by default a Reiser4 (SFRN) 4.0.1 -patched Linux 4.11 experimental kernel.

Reiser4, specifically Software Format Release Number (SFRN) 4.0.1, is also experimental software being developed by one of the original developers.

Metztli-Reiser4 is an effort to make accessible to a larger pool of curious individuals a native Debian installation with the option to create, format, and operate on disk media partitions in a superb file system which qualities are irrationally dismissed by stunted intellects.

As opposed to previous Jessie-backport -- which incidentally someone pointed out to me that Debian is a protected trademark and 'Debian-Reiser4' was not acceptable distro submission for evaluation -- for Stretch I renamed this project as Metztli-Reiser4.

This distribution is 'leaner' -- as it only contains our backported kernel -- since the complementing software and utilities have been upgraded in Debian Stretch repositories to satisfy newer upstream kernels.

Metztli-Reiser4 has only been tested in limited AMD64 environments as we do not have access to extensive physical infrastructure except for the cloud --- where the kernel excels in our also limited instance tests.

Reiterating, support for Reiser4 filesystem is in experimental stage (as well as this kernel). Although in approximately four years that we have used daily reiser4 – including development of these kernels
and in Google cloud instances – we have not experienced data loss, please make sure you backup your data to other file system(s) on a regular basis.

Your constructive feed back and/or suggestions are welcomed. We are not interested in the sarcasm of individuals who cherry-pick on human moral attributes to suit their ego. Technology, and specifically FOSS, is an amoral collective effort by humans who are not perfect and are subject to irrationalities.

Additionally, please do not submit installation bug reports to Debian -- even if successful installation -- as I used to do. Indeed, even if most of the installation is done from Debian's official repositories, the fact that Metztli-Reiser4 installer has been modified to install software by a non-official developer is cause for rejection.

Thank you for trying out Metztli-Reiser4. Enjoy!

Image is download link:
Metztli Reiser4 Debian Stretch

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