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Our newest iteration of our GNU/Linux project to enable a native, Reiser4 file system, formatting and installation, onto your root file system via metztli.iso (direct link to download) netboot Debian-Installer image.  We have Jessie-backported and Reiser4 -patched the current newest Debian released kernel 4.9.0-2, version 4.9.18-1.

Reiser4 GRUB details


Batman Machine: Reiser4 1

Although the Reiser3 file system has gained some popularity, thanks to its speed and journaling support (today it has become the default file system for some Linux distributions), its creators did not relax. Reiser4 is written from the ground up and includes interesting additional features:

  • Effective logging with event logging.
  • Effective storage of small files, resulting in increased speed and better use of disk space.
  • Fast processing of very large directories with hundreds of millions of files (yes, millions of files in one directory without loss of performance).
  • A flexible plug-in infrastructure that makes it easy to add compression and encryption functionality at any time in the future.
  • Atomic modification of the file system, which always guarantees its consistent state.
  • Dynamic disk optimization on the fly.
  • Transaction support in the style of databases.

But wait, why did I call it "Batman's car"? Reiser4 supports a lot of interesting features that you might never need, because Linux VFS does not expose this functionality - as well as many possibilities of Batman's car will not be needed by you on your way from home to work."

Of course, you can also download our Debian-Reiser4 project, Jessie-backports Debian-Installer (d-i) for AMD64 via @sourceforge.

For additional information, please read: Reiser4 Main Page

1Использование reiserfs в Linux

在 Linux 中使用 ReiserFS 文件系统

(PDF) Using Reiser4 on Linux.

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