Xonecuiltzin Reiser4 Version .01 of bootcd-based LIVE bootable ISO for rescue and/or possible installation of system onto local media (hard drive, virtual machine, etc) is available!

xonecuiltzin-v01-reiser4.iso is a utility media that will help user to resolve issues with the experimental Reiser4 filesystem.

Reiser4 supports
multiple transaction models.

As you probably know,
all other file systems implement only a single transaction
model. That is, they all are either only journalling (ext3/4,
ReiserFS(v3), XFS, jfs, ...), or only "write-anywhere" (ZFS,
Btrfs, etc).

Reiser4 transaction models

Development continues and is reflected in Xonecuiltzin Reiser4 LIVE bootable media by including updated utilities:

  1. Debian Jessie latest gparted disk utility.
  2. Screenfetch utility as well as gedit text editor.
  3. Latest libaal-1.0.6 support for reiser4 file system utilities.
  4. Latest reiser4progs-1.0.9: debugfs.reiser4, fsck.reiser4, make_reiser4, measurefs.reiser4, mkfs.reiser4.
  5. Syslinux 6.0.3

If interested in adding Xonecuiltzin Reiser4 v01 media utility to your tool box, please download at SourceForge: xonecuiltzin-v01-reiser4.iso

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