Honoring this special day, we decided to release Xonecuiltzin, a GNU/Linux Debian bootcd-based live Reiser4 DVD ISO image to be used in the recovery (or even GNU/Linux installation) of experimental Reiser4 file systems. It is available to download at SourceForge: Xonecuiltzin-Reiser4.iso

On a day like this, circa July 18, 1325, the Mexicah people founded Mexico-Tenochtitlan at the site where now Mexico City is located. It was a beautiful, efficient, and well maintained hand-built city in the middle of Lake Texcoco. In less than 500 years, the Iberian colony -- which now calls itself 'Mexico' -- has all but destroyed the great Aztec city, the Lake Texcoco, as well as the islet symbol of Mexico itself. Further reading: Mexico-Tenochtitlan: July 18, 1325, Mexicah People Founded Modern-Day Mexico City.


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