Conveying Mexicah dialog and/or banner perspective

Earlier I updated a Github repository which generates DEB packages suitable for Metztli Reiser4 and/or Debian Bullseye Backports for AMD64. It has only been tested under Metztli Reiser4, AMD64 architecture -- as we run this site under similar build.

What is unique about this repository is that it will generate a ModSecurity v3 Nginx Connector v1.0.3 module, i.e., http-modsecurity, suitable for nginx-full, nginx-light, nginx-extras (as labeled by Debian). Note: the libmodsecurity3 3.0.7-1 and libmodsecurity-dev 3.0.7-1 standalone packages should be installed a priori.

You are welcome to build the packages from our GitHub source: Debian ModSecurity Nginx Connector

Nevertheless, we offer setup, hosting, management, deployments, and provisioning, of virtual and/or physical servers running Linux, Engine X, MariaDB / MySQL, PHP, i.e., LEMP stacks supporting Social networking Mastodon, and Drupal and/or b2evolution content management systems (CMS), as well as iRedMail mail server. Using and/or promoting your individual and/or organization's brand services online has never been easier. Connect with us!

We will take care of the technical complexity so that you can be free to focus on creating your unique brand and/or service message to the world!


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