PHP 7.3.10 ZTS and pthreads
'pthreads v3 is restricted to operating in CLI only'

Realizing that the PHP developer of pthreads has, using the proverbial expression, 'thrown his, baby, out with the bathwater'5, I had second thoughts about writing this post. I mean, to build the latest PHP 7.3.9̶ 10 the 'Debian way' for Metztli Reiser4 / Debian Buster BPs was the only topic I was gonna annotate as my reference post. Notwithstanding, online I read of people literally 'twerking' with phpize to build pthreads support for their PHP ZTS build and I thought: the 'Debian way' really simplifies the procedure. What I mean is, after we hack the Debian packaging for PHP into producing a KrakJoe6pthreads extension, all we have to do is install relevant DEB package and...that's it! ;D to enable the much sought after feature. I am not an expert on Toltecayotl --much less pthreads -- so we will recycle a couple small test 'pthreaded' programs, execute them, and that --hopefully-- will be a measure of our success ;)

Continue reading at Metztli Tonalamatl... Build PHP 7.3.9̶ 10 ZTS and, pthreads, on Metztli Reiser4: Как же мало нужно для счастья.


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