Светлана Степанковская meets Tezcatlipoca.

Светлана Степанковская meets Tezcatlipoca
Светлана meets Tezcatlipoca 


I knew I had no choice but to select a plain vanilla Debian x64 during the provisioning process; notwithstanding, upon logging into the environment I was taken aback realizing the entire Debian system disk was formatted in ext4 (the second disk was unformatted). Unlike the moralistic elite inside and outside Free and Open Source (FOSS) ecosystems, I have come to appreciate reiser4 on its technical meritocracy. I have never lost any data in the five(5) to six(6) years I have used this superb filesystem in my daily computing environment. I have come to appreciate reiser4 unmatched reliability and resiliency features --as well as its quirks-- and, logically, there was this odd uneasiness about being forced to work on this strange root file system. A feeling the traditionally vulnerable people of Venezuela --unlike the old racist Spanish scum oligarchies usurping power throughout so called 'Latin'America-- must be experiencing as USA leads the West's attempts to impose a spurious president upon Venezuela's sovereignty. Hence, I began to explore the possibility of replacing this alien file system --an imposition on me by the FOSS ethically entitled overlords who, besides pretending their corporate employers and/or host countries' governments ooze with 'ethical and moral virtuosity' (especially in the West ;)) -- effectively blacklist predetermined software by dictating to their, XYZ project's herd what 'ethical and moral virtuosity' their Linux distributions' file system should default to.


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