Coyolxauhqui is another attempt to thoroughly elaborate the intricacies I encountered during my build iterations of reiser4-patched kernels for Debian jessie/stretch-backports; these generated UDEBs are components to subsequently build Metztli-Reiser4 Debian-Installer (d-i). Indeed, I have created a couple of prior posts on the subject; notwithstanding, the procedure in each that worked for the prior Linux kernel 4.xy minor series would fail in the next series as a result of the debian packaging maintainers' modfications. As a matter of fact, in Linux 4 minor versions 11 and 12, I had some trouble figuring out why, after a minor series increase, the linux-headers-*-common_*deb was not being built anymore. Accordingly, the following procedure does build the linux-headers-*-common_*deb and as added bonus generates DEB source and documentation. For illustration purposes I will be building current kernel (as of date creating this post). Finally, I will illustrate again the actual editing of the relevant debian packaging files -- yes I have created a patch that I use but it will be outdated possibly in a couple of kernel minor increments as the Debian maintainer modifies his code. read more...

Coyolxauhqui: Build Reiser4 -patched Linux Kernel, Headers, and Modules, for Stretch-Backports the 'Debian Way'.

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