Metztli Reiser4 -enabled Debian 11, codenamed Bullseye on GCE
Metztli Reiser4 -enabled Upcoming Debian 11, Bullseye, on Google Compute Engine (GCE) Cloud

If you are an user of Google Compute Engine (GCE) then you can request (a small fee is charged by Google) our Metztli Reiser4 TARred resource to create your own image, under your project name, which will enable you to spin reiser4 cloud instances based on upcoming Debian 11, codenamed Bullseye, The Linux kernel version is 5.10.26-2; we will dedicate -- on a best effort basis -- to update the image periodically.


Accordingly, having downloaded and installed the Cloud SDK Command Line Tools, you may request the reiser4 -enabled Bullseye TARred resource with a similar command as the following:

gcloud compute images create reiser4-bullseye-v20210402 --family="debian-11-reiser4" --source-uri gs://

The default initial disk size for ensuing instance creation should be at least 200 GB -- which is the minimum recommended by Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for adequate performance on its KVM -based cloud fabric.

For context and additional details, please read our collection entry at Metztli Information Technology: Tonalamatl, Metztli Reiser4 / Debian 11 Bullseye on Google Compute Engine (GCE)



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