Sometime ago I became interested in Red Hat's platform as a service (PaaS) cloud offering known as OpenShift.

It is open source software -- which implies that there is considerable less risk of the customer being locked-in than if s/he were to use proprietary alternatives such as Microsoft's Windows Azure.

OpenShift comes in two versions: Public OpenShift Online hosted service and Private OpenShift Enterprise on-premise PaaS software product.

OpenShift Online scales massively and is operated by Red Hat to service those individuals and organizations that require a public infrastructure to prototype their applications and/or to burst-out when their local computing resources become insufficient to meet increased demand.

In Private OpenShift Enterprise, Red Hat implements its public PaaS inside your premises if your organization has security, data privacy, compliance, and/or governance requirements.

Additionally, OpenShift Online offers a a small cloud instance for individuals or entities who want to host a couple of applications at no charge. I took advantage of OpenShift kind offer to develop a proof of concept b2evolution application which source code is hosted at GitHub: b2evo-Metztli.

Anybody may open an account at OpenShift Online and pull the code from GitHub to experience hosting a b2evolution instance. Alternatively we offer fee-based support for yourself, small or large organization.

Go ahead, find out for yourself what Red Hat's OpenShift platform as a service can do for you or your business organization of any size! And if you need additional guidance, do not hesitate to contact us.

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