Tezcatlipoca's black title for installation to Ryzen -based AMD64
Metztli Reiser4 Tezcatlipoca's Black Title Debian-Installer (d-i) for AMD64 Ryzen

Based on feedback online I have hacked an alternative configuration for Linux 4.14.22 intended for AMD64 Ryzen CPU's. Below are the specific configuration directives in this kernel:



Linux kernel configuration settings for Ryzen
Linux kernel configuration directives for AMD Ryzen

Please note that I am intending to test this installer in a future remote Ryzen server. As of now I have only tested its operation in my Intel -based development machine -- where I have built a couple of kernels with no stability issues.

If you care to 'give it a spin', either locally and/or in your remote Ryzen server, here is Tezcatlipocacitlalli, aka, 'Jupiter', image link to the Metztli Reiser4 Z netboot Debian-Installer (d-i)

Tezcatlipocacitlalli, aka Jupiter
Metztli Reiser4 ryZen


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